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Statement on Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

Dear members of the Russian American Youth Alliance community,

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this tragedy—those currently living in Ukraine, those with relatives caught in the crossfire, Russians shocked by the actions of their government, or those bracing for what’s to come in this uncertain future.

This organization was founded to bring together Russians, Russian-Americans, those with Russian heritage, and simply anyone interested in Russia to promote conversation about Russian culture, society, and language. Additionally, another goal of this community is to promote peace and cooperation between the U.S. and Russia—to find points of common ground and work together for the betterment of the world.

In recent weeks, the Russian government has worked against this ideal. Instead of seeking a diplomatic path, it has instead committed rogue, aggressive actions that have undermined international law and put thousands of lives at risk. As such, we condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Although we do not usually support one political position over another—as we aim to be a place for healthy discussion of all views—the Russian government’s actions have so unequivocally breached our community’s goals that we believed it was necessary to state our stance on this matter.

However, we strongly encourage discussion on the many contentious nuances of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, as only that can bridge disagreements and bring our community closer. We have grown to over 2000 members this week, with waves of new members joining every hour to discuss the conflict. At this time, we must create a supportive environment for our diverse member base and be receptive to the many conflicting views on the many facets of the issue. We are a strong community, and this conflict should not—and will not—do us apart.

- Staff

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