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Have you ever considered finding a pen pal?

Finding a pen pal is an excellent opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, learn a foreign language, and get familiarized with new cultures. 

The ideal pen pal is someone who is interested in learning about various peoples, cultures, and languages — someone who wants to interact with people from other countries, but on a more intimate basis.

Being a pen pal allows you to connect with someone while also honing your writing abilities in your target language. Crafting a message to send to your pen pal will help you learn new vocabulary, practice discussing specific cultural themes, and improve your grammar. 


Here at the Russian American Youth Alliance, we strongly believe in the power of intercultural exchange — both in developing a broader understanding of the world and different cultures and cultivating your language abilities. With a pen pal, you will be able to immerse yourself in a different country’s language, culture, and traditions, and in turn, gain a deeper insight into the workings of the world. 


You can fill out the form directly on the website or click here to fill it out externally. Once you fill out the form and find a suitable candidate, we will message you with your pen pals info.

Pen Pals

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