About Us

The Russian American Youth Alliance is a non-governmental organization dedicated to building a network of young adults from Russia and the United States to foster bilateral discourse about culture, language, and politics. In our current unsteady international climate – one full of misunderstanding and animosity – we aspire to bridge the divide on a path to mutual understanding and cooperation. Through our online forum, events, and programs, we cultivate an environment where our members immerse themselves in the cultures of both countries and build long-lasting friendships and ties.


Through our online network, events, and open discussion spaces, our members can exchange their political views and cultural insights. In doing so, we hope to provide our Russian and American members with a deeper understanding of each other's political outlooks, culture, traditions, and histories to bring the two closer together on a path to greater understanding.


By producing and distributing content on Russian and American culture and politics through our blog, forums, and social networks, we provide our members a greater insight into the inner workings of Russia and America. Whether that may be on Russian and American current events, cultural trends, politics, or history, we hope to bridge the informational divide and overcome cultural disparities.

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We connect our members with  opportunities involving US-Russia relations and cultural immersion. From creating and executing our own programs to partnering with organizations that bring insight into US-Russia political and cultural affairs, we hope foster further dialogue on pressing issues and advance our mission of intercultural exchange.

Meet the Team

Leaders of the RAYA


Ivan Sinyavin

Founder and Director


Yulia Leberfarb

Founder and Director



Social Media Director


Parv Aggarwal

U.S. - Russia Relations Director / Legal Advisor